Ontario garlic week team

Peter McClusky – Founder & Director

After several years in New York as VP Global Distribution for digital media company Indexstock/Photolibrary Peter moved back to his hometown, Toronto. His work and volunteerism in Ontario agriculture includes an eight month internship on Whole Circle Farm (Acton); fundraising for, and starting and managing farmers’ markets (Aberfoyle Farmers’ Market, Puslinch, Regent Park Farmers’ Market, Toronto); consulting for the Greenbelt Farmers’ Market Network; and conceiving the Toronto Garlic Festival and Ontario Garlic Week. He grows several thousand garlic plants, including many different strains. His book, Ontario Garlic: The Story from Farm to Festival (History Press) is a social-cultural narrative of the history of garlic from central Asia to its now-revered place in the hearts and dishes of Ontarians. Peter holds a degree in philosophy from the University of Toronto. His blog is at www.Peteronthefarm.blogspot.com

Ontario garlic week team

Paul Carvalho – Data Processing

Paul’s 36-year career in the aerospace industry included the design and development of mechanical components for commercial and military aircraft. As a mechanical engineer, he holds 40 US patents in the aerospace field.

Now in retirement, he uses google productivity tools (including sheets, docs, gmail, calendar, and google scripts) to help small and large business owners streamline and automate their data processing needs. He works with attorneys, car dealers, realtors, community organizers, accountants, teachers, administrators, and retailers. He enjoys learning new ways to use cloud-based tools.

Paul resides in Western Massachusetts. When he isn’t programming spreadsheets, he spends most of his time gardening (including garlic) and hiking in the Holyoke Mountains with his wife and their young yellow lab, Teddy. He visits his daughter and grandchildren in Southern California as often as possible.

Ontario garlic week team

Alyssa Cooper – Graphic Designer

Through her company, Alyssa Cooper Art and Design Services, Alyssa combines traditional training with a modern flair, and is an artist and designer that brings a keen eye and unique style to each and every project.  Since 2015 she has provided imaginative graphics for Toronto Garlic Festival, Just Add Garlic and Ontario Garlic Week.

Ontario garlic week team

Chantal Stepa – Events & Program Development      

Chantal has been eating, living and loving local as the Manager of Withrow Park Farmers’ Market since 2016. Summer after summer Chantal has transformed an empty park field into a vibrant and bustling community hub connecting ecological farmers and small-scale businesses with the public. She’s inspired to create spaces that promote sustainability, well-being and good food! Grounded in environmental stewardship and sustainability she has always intertwined those principles into her professional work. Chantal enjoys gardening, travelling and exploring new places, hikes in the forest, clothing swaps, supporting the circular economy and cuddling with cute animals. She’s also a strong believer that there is no such thing as “too much garlic”.

Ontario garlic week team 

Bill Walker- Sponsor & Partner Development

Bill’s diverse 25 year, global freelance career in the event marketing industry includes partner and sponsor brand activation and event production. As an event specialist he co-develops unique Fortune 500 corporate incentives, international sport hospitality and partner/sponsor brand activations including Formula One & Indy Car Racing Series, Pan American Games and Super Bowl 50 and creating experiences including Olympic Licensee (Worldwide Partners) events and media. Destination tourism, branding, programing, membership development and client account management includes all levels of government include municipal (City of Toronto), provincial with RTO8 (Ontario Ministry of Heritage, Tourism, Sport and Culture Industries) and federal (Parks Canada). Bill calls Ontario home and resides in Toronto, he spends plenty of time up in the Kawartha Lakes.